LinkedIn Ugly Sweater

LinkedIn Ugly Sweaters are the buzzer!

LinkedIn Ugly Christmas SweaterWe were fortunate to receive a call from Brandvia to work exclusively on a project to deliver LinkedIn ugly sweaters as fast as possible. We jumped on the opportunity to show our dedication to helping one of our favorite distributors. 

It’s normal for companies to think about ugly sweaters after Thanksgiving. Therefore Brandvia gets a late notice from their client (LinkedIn) for ugly sweaters. We had the perfect product that allows for custom ugly sweaters within a few days. The project began with LinkedIn making an awesome design. Brandvia orchestrated the order and set up a webstore. handled production and dropshipping. 

Ugly Christmas SweaterOrders started flowing in fast and from all over the world. We at were near capacity already, and we had to find a solution on how to produce these sweaters without disturbing our current orders. Our managers banded together and got the details worked out, then all departments from design, developers, shipping, and warehouse figured it out. The webstore stayed open for a little bit and orders continued coming in without any production delay.