Uber Ugly Christmas Sweater

Hitch A Ride With Uber And Get Yourself A Christmas Sweater

Full Knit Uber Custom Ugly Christmas SweaterIs there a company that you can think of right now off the top of your head that might be more synonymous with the age demographics that use social media the most in our country other than Uber? Probably not; after all, nearly 60% of the people in the United States that use the ride-sharing service on a regular basis, the company reports, are between the ages of 18-34-years-old. 

What better way then could there be for a company that’s grown its business primarily through social media, but now is attempting to continue to expand its visibility, earn new customers via the same platforms, than to use one of our custom-made ugly Christmas sweaters as the centerpiece of their 2015 charity/holiday viral marketing campaign.

Using our Ugly Christmas sweaters, San Francisco-based Uber selected markets inside the United States where they wanted to increase their revenue stream. The Uber Ugly Christmas Sweater Giveaway promotion was made available to several cities throughout the Southwest and it not only gifted hundreds of ugly Christmas sweaters to lucky passengers during the holiday season, for every one gifted the company also donated one sweater to the Salvation Army to keep people warm.  

Uber Ugly Christmas SweaterUber’s rollout of the promo was genius; they had the clever idea to not only ask their drivers to wear ugly holiday sweaters when they were out in the field, they made several of our fun, unique, and crazy ugly holiday sweaters available to their customers as well.  Any customer that wanted one could get one; app users simply had to click on the “Uber Sweater” option on the ride-share app once they’d clicked on “Uber X,” “Uber Comfort,” “Uber Black,”etc.,or whatever option they were requesting.  And upon pick-up a Uber driver would then hand the company’s customer an ugly Christmas sweater — which, then, naturally, lead to hundreds of their customer then proceeding to post a photo about the sweater, company, and ride experience across their social media, etc, giving them exposure that few companies could actually afford to pay for, not to mention, media coverage across the country.

The demand for the sweaters was so high, the promotion such a success for us here at UglyChristmasSweater.com and Uber itself that in the end the company asked us to also create an exclusive Uber logo ugly Christmas sweater for them that they could retail.