PewDiePie And Ugly Christmas Products: A Great Viral Marketing Collaboration

PewDiePie Sleep Sleep
PewDiePie Beanie 2
PewDiePie Sweater

PewDiePie JumpsuitIs there a better way to gain exposure for your brand and attract new fans, when you’re already a social media superstar, than by launching your very own line of ugly Christmas sweater products?  Probably not.

When we were approached in the Summer of 2018 with the opportunity to design and manufacture a fun line of officially-licensed ugly Christmas sweater products for internet celebrity PewDiePie, we jumped at the chance. With 109 Million fans on social media, collaborating with YouTuber PewDiePie on a line of ugly Christmas products was a no-brainer. As working on an ugly Christmas products campaign together  would not only introduce each of our brands to thousands of a particular age demographic who might not have heard of us before in the United States, it would also earn each of us thousands of new followers in Europe as well — PewDiePie’s home. 

PewDiePie SocksWith PewDiePie’s fanbase so active on social media, when it came to designing his officially-licensed ugly Christmas sweaters, shoes, pajamas, underwear, lounge pants, socks, jogger pants, beanies, and union suit, we knew that the whole venture was going to be super intense.  After all, PewDiePie himself was going to need to approve all the designs, and with him living in Europe, we knew that the collaboration was going to be a around the clock venture, simply, so we didn’t delay the release of his line.  

What was great about working with PewDiePie and his team was that they empowered us to do our thing.  Our team not only designed the custom ugly Christmas products for the internet superstar, we also built several landing pages that he and his team could promote out to his followers as well to capture sales.   And, since we also offer turn key solutions, naturally, is was an easy choice for Team PewDiePie to also enlist us to also drop ship all of the custom PewDiePie ugly Christmas products orders that both he and our ecommerce website received for the super fun and unique product line as well.