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Marshmallow Only Club Ugly Christmas Sweater Blazers

Lucky Charms Concept
Lucky Charms Jacket Concept

When the General Mills company released two different variations of the fan-requested “marshmallow only” version of their cereal Lucky Charms in 2019, they saw an opportunity to not only get their best-selling brand into the social media feeds of hundreds, also a potential viral marketing campaign.   A marshmallow only version of the cereal that featured delicious rainbow and unicorn marshmallows was something that cereal fans had asked for for years, and when Lucky Charms delivered on the request, making it available only in a limited-edition of 15,000 boxes, available exclusively as part of their Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Club, they wanted a little something “extra” that they could use to get social media followers clamoring  — the Lucky Charms ugly Christmas blazer.

Based on one of our several ugly Christmas sweater blazers designs that we currently retail on our website, we collaborated with General Mills on the colorful, marshmallow-inspired Lucky Charms promotional blazer.  Not only did we create a fun, magically-delicious-esque, electric custom ugly Christmas blazer jacket for them, we made sure that that the ugly Christmas jacket would be able accommodate their entire fanbase so we produced the ugly holiday jacket in several different custom-sizes.  General Mills was so happy with our design for the Lucky Charms Marshmallow Only Club ugly Christmas blazer that they made a commercial for it!  Watch it here.

Actual Production Jacket

The General Mills Marshmallow Only Club marketing campaign was unique because it took a household product and revamped it completely; they made it available again in a fun,  new package  which not only showed that the company was fun but that they are also genuinely interested in what their customers want.

Cereal lovers went crazy not only for the marshmallow only version of Lucky Charms but they also went nuts for the custom-color ugly Christmas blazer as well.   The media took notice, of course.  And the marketing campaign not only gave the General Mills company a ton of new media exposure on pop culture-based websites and news portals, it also flooded social media feeds like few companies have ever been able to do at the grassroots level before.